Instant Amplification Kit


Sound@Newschool is pleased to offer New School faculty access to a small kit of mini amplifiers that can enable in class experiments with materials, instrument building, etc. While these are not the most state of the art amps, they can make class-wide access to amplification possible.

You can use the form below to reserve the field recording kit.
Please note that the form will not be visible unless you are currently logged in to Google with your New School account.
The kit can be picked up at 2 west 13th Street – Room 502
Please email the address in the form to let us know when you will come for pick up.

The kit includes

  • 15 Honeytone mini amplifiers
  • Batteries may be included in the recorders but we cannot guarantee that they are charged. It is recommended that you or your students purchase batteries for the units. Each unit only requires one 9v Battery.


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