Jan 092014


Persono is a conceptual and interactive sound-art installation. Falling sand and spinning motors play guitars, creating a peaceful, patterned drone. Viewers will have the ability to be part of the installation in a way that will add to the experience for all if they choose. Conceptually, Persono utilizes “infinite” and “finite” elements to both create a meditative, structured ambience and to symbolize the two time-elements of existence. One plane of the room is anchored by guitars played by infinite falling sand, while the other plane features two guitars played by automated motors performing a cyclical, finite pattern. In thecenter of these planes is human life, and so an audience triggered element sits in the center.

See some of the elements in the video below. This installation has been performed twice before in Southern California at small galleries:

Artist Bio

I am a newcomer to the world of gallery art, having started my musical journey in more traditional settings. The move towards different forms of sonic expression began initially as an out-cropping of film scoring experiences (I’ve had music in Sundance and SXSW award winning films). When not working on music, I work in web development. I started classes through the New School as a way to deepen my knowledge in that field, and am very happy I did so!


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