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Jul 172013

10th Anniversary Series Picture

Listen to interviews with founder, Stephan Crasneanski, produced by Sound@ member, Josephine Holtzman.

“Soundwalking” was a term first coined by World Soundscape Project founder, R. Murray Schafer, in Vancouver in the 1970s.  While Soundwalks began as a means of soundscape studies, contemporary soundwalks have evolved into an art practice. was at the forefront of this new experimentation with soundwalking as narrative tool, informed by the soundwalks of sound artist, Janet Cardiff.  The founder, Stephan Crasneanski, creates narrative audio walks described as a combination of Baudelairian stroll and cinematic experience.   He describes these hour-long, audio tours as “sound movies” which navigate “uncharted” routes through neighborhoods that combine fiction, oral history, music and movement to reveal the character and history of neighborhoods around the world.

Stephan speaks about his award-winning Sonic Memorial Soundwalk around the site of Ground Zero and narrated by Paul Auster.

Jan 192013

The 3rd Megapolis comes to New York CityApril 19-21, 2013,
with its headquarters at the New School.


The MEGAPOLIS Festival examines the sonic landscape of this sprawling urban environment by showcasing artists and documentarians based in the BosWash Megapolis alongside visitors to the region, particularly focusing on the cross-pollination of knowledge championed by audio enthusiasts working in different disciplines such as music, radio, installation, and film. Performances, workshops, and presentations are scattered throughout small galleries, university halls, outdoor spaces, and sometimes living rooms within one particular mega-neighborhood. As an attendee at the MEGAPOLIS Festival you are not a member of a passive audience — you’re actively adding context to what’s coming into your ears.

A weekend-long, multi-venue event dedicated to the craft of DIY audio creation. Artists, documentarians, musicians, and fans come together to share secrets on producing and presenting challenging audio works online, on-air, and on the stage.

Check the Megapolis Festival Website In March 2013 for the lineup of artists as well as ticketing, and to check out the New School Sound presence at the festival. And click below to find out how to submit your work.

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