Sep 262013

Kevin T. Allen

NMDS 5434
Fall 2013, Spring 2014
Mondays, 7-9:45pm & Saturdays 12:10-2:45pm (Tech Lab)
Open to All New School Graduate Students

Course Description

In this intensive theory/production course, students learn the tools and techniques of documentary practice for sound and image. Particular attention is paid to how form shapes content, and vice versa. Sound studies plays a crucial role, exploring disciplines such as acoustic ecology and sound ethnography. In addition to the classical documentary form, moving image practices such as found-footage, ethnography, and experimental filmmaking are also covered. Students are trained in field recording, sound editing, digital cinematography, and video editing while assigned a number of short representational problem-solving assignments culminating into an ambitious final project. Sensory training is also very integral to the class through a series of listening and looking exercises, positioning students to be critical observers/producers of their everyday environments.
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