Jan 102014

The New School Logo

The sound you’re hearing is TNS’ logo in JPEG form, the raw data was then translated directly into sound using a special algorithm in Audacity’s import settings. I added reverb in the style of Tischman Auditorium using a room emulator.

I wanted to explore the hidden sonic signature that can be associated with digital objects, then take that sound and place it into a familiar space. Then the idea is to see what the translation can present, good or bad. So here’s the question then, We are constantly attempting to quantize our art through digital means, and are trying to produce hi-fidelity objects as much as possible. The statements we make, the art we produce, the sounds we record, all of it is quantized into data. Data, not information. Can you translate an aura, an idea, or even a statement without addition/loss when you quantize?


About the Artist

Ben Fausch is a classically trained Tubist, Engineer, Graphic Designer, and Sound Artist at the New School. He has performed with a variety of acts ranging from Burlesque to Punk Marching bands. As an engineer, Ben has worked professionally with a variety of artists, and recently finished working for the world-famous Avatar studios. He specializes in the manipulation of audio for artistic and comedic purposes.

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