Jan 102014


Sound art piece, completed as my senior capstone project for the senior seminar led by Robert Sember. A recording was prepared that asked 13 student volunteers to react to several prompts using noise, while being recorded. Thewords were 1) emptiness 2) suffering 3) liberation. Each of the 3 sets of 13 responses were composed together using a grid based on each volunteer’s first name and zodiac sign. The result is a single piece in three movements, each cataloging 13 spontaneous non-sensical, but very humanreactions. The piece builds off of John Cage’s concept of aleatoric (chance controlled) music, using humans instead of inanimate objects as the instrument. The intended effect is to allow people to “wake up” to the sounds around them, including the ones that they create.


About the Artist

Dane is a Lang graduate with an A.F.A in music theory from the Community College of Baltimore County, originally BA/BFA with Jazz (guitar) and Lang before switching to just Lang (Arts in Context Music/Philosophy).

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