Jan 072014

Tetrastudy 2

Utilizing a single sound sample ran through multiple permutations of manipulation, editing and recontextualization, tetrad consists of a series of folds, re-evaluating a sound through its own passage through space, and each minuscule detail of the sound form to drive new, generative sonic processes.

This work is composed entirely from the sound of a single punch, cut and stitched, time-stretched and affected until it takes on a new form, a map exploring the artist’s engagement with environmental sound at a fundamental level.


This submission is a collaborative piece with artist Jules Leano Gay of Glasgow School of Arts, involving a trans- atlantic sound relay established via Skype. By passing a Skype chat signal from cell phone (with speaker active) into a mixing console and effects loop, then into a laptop with a second skype account in the same chat session, the piece effectively turns a consumer-grade web application into the source of a feedback signal between two performers, which they are then able to manipulate via their chosen performance materials. Engaging with the signal from both ends of the system, the performers blend the environmental sounds of their surroundings with their own gestures, and the inherent sonics of the Skype relay, effectively creating a shared environmental space that is maintained between users while remaining constantly in flux.


Artist Bio:

Daniel Creahan is a musician, sound artist, writer and poet, living in Brooklyn, NY. He currently runs the label Prison Art Tapes, and is one half of the band Mind Dynamics.

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