Apr 212013

Instructor: Sarah Montague
Fall 2013 Undergraduate Seminar
Eugene Lang College
CRN 7410
Monday and Wednesdays 3:50 – 5:30
Limit to 18 Students

This course will present the theory, aesthetics, and practical applications of radio and audio production.  It will cover the development of recorded sound, early acoustic works and sound art, radio production in the context of the radio broadcast industry and radio/audio production today in various contexts such as commercial and public radio, audio books, and webcasting.  While not an engineering course, students will also learn practical skills related to production concepts and design, and the various formats in which productions are realized: news and cultural features, documentaries, docu-dramas, audio books, and drama.  We will also touch on related fields such as film and theatre sound, and sound art.

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