Jan 102014

Smith Fam Reunion

This project was produced as a part of Suzanne Snider’s course Experiments in Oral History in the fall of 2012. It is an audio essay about a young man Brandon, and his parents’ experience following a bike accident, coma, and an evacuation from Bellevue hospital during hurricane Sandy. The piece is made from two long-form group interviews I conducted with Brandon and his parents who had been in New York since early September following the accident. I included music by Brandon and experimented with an abstract visual representation of voices. I was inspired by Brandon, his family and friends and the process of people gathering to visit. I thought about silences and pauses; communication interrupted, and wondered what he was hearing for weeks as people came in and out. I wanted to create an audio essay with their voices that mimics the rhythms of these interruptions and pauses. I think the Sandy evacuation is another interruption in their process of getting life ‘back to normal’.

Interrupted: Smith Family Meeting
from Lauren Elizabeth Kelly on Vimeo.

About the Artist

Lauren Elizabeth Kelly is a dancer and filmmaker working with memory, sound, and communication. (Documentary Certificate 2011, M.A. Media Studies winter 2013)

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