Jan 102014

Urban Podcasting

Generally, an audio podcast refers to a recorded sound file made available for download through a digital broadcasting medium, while its process is commonly approached as a mere technical matter or an information and communication technologies affordance following the co-evolution of the internet, personal computers, portable audio players and Rich Site Summary (RSS) feed.

More than this though, audio podcasting crystallizes today transformations to the everyday auditory experience of more and more urbanites, from mobility, appropriation of time and the spatio-temporal division of labor to the ways data, information and knowledge are curated and valued.

The objective of the workshop series at Parsons The New School for Design has been to explore how podcasting can be used as a critical urban technique and tool. Emphasis has been given on how the process of podcasting can amplify local-relevant urban practices, while providing a sensible understanding on the broader ecological dimensions of places.

To achieve this, the podcasting process is approached both as a way of knowing and through its produced output, while technical assistance in recording, sound engineering and broadcasting has been combined with inquiries in listening, bodily awareness, qualitative description of sound events and mapping, psychoacoustics, voice qualities, narrative modes, politics.

About the Artists

Themistoklis Pellas, Urban & Regional Planner

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