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60×60 is a project containing 60 compositions each 60 seconds in length. Founded by Rob Voisey in 2003, 60×60 presents a slice of the contemporary music scene by representing 60 diverse works. Pieces were selected from an international pool of emerging and established composers and sound artists. The resulting mix is broadcast, without interruption, as a continuous one-hour event. Melissa Grey is the audio coordinator, macro-composer for the 60×60 (2012) New York Minutes Mix, which is the second mix comprised of composers, musicians and sound artists from New York. Featuring the work of Hans Tammen, Laurie Speigel, Robert Dick, Reena Katz (student from Melissa Grey’s Sound Studies class; Parsons MFA 2012), Chris Mann (New School faculty), Joel Chadabe, and others.

Program notes:


A film collage and musical composition (pre-recorded electronics, flute, violin or two violins). Artist Angela Grauerholz invited me to interpret a fragment of music that Ludwig Wittgenstein had scribbled down in his journal in 1931. Accompanying this music, he wrote: “That must be the end of a theme which I cannot place. It came into my head today as I was thinking about my philosophical work and saying to myself, I destroy, I destroy, I destroy.” Wittgenstein’s attempt to consider the implications of the limitations language places on human experience is reflected in this piece where the meaning remains open, and several sensibilities and forms of expression are merged into one. The film collage, by Grauerholz and Réjean Myette, was constructed as a response to my resulting composition, in a dialogue that reconsiders image-sound hierarchy. This work premiered at the National Gallery of Canada, 2010.


About the Artist

Composer Melissa Grey’s projects include concert works, electroacoustic performances, field recordings, installations, music and sound for film and video and collaborations with artists and designers. Recent works have been published by The MIT Press and exhibited or performed at the National Gallery of Canada, Goethe-Institut Montréal, The Stone, Spectrum, Dorsky Gallery, Judson Church, Whitney Museum of American Art (with Antenna International), International Computer Music Conference, Alphabet City Festivals 2010 AIR and 2009 WATER, Cinesonika: First International Film and Video Festival of Sound Design, Reno Interdisciplinary Festival of New Media, and others.

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