Jan 102014

Deepest Taco Bell

“Deepest Taco Bell” is a sonic exploration into an experience very often looked down upon by the large part of society. Taco Bell is known by most to be a site of sub-par fast food, fluorescent lights, and commercialism. However, what co-exists with these negative notions is a positive: a diverse array of people. Customers and employees come from all walks of life to interact in spaces such as Taco Bell. Many find themselves walking through those smudged glass doors, whether a hipster ironically stopping in, a family looking for a cheap meal, or a couple friends who just really like Taco Bell (because it somehow reminds them of home and is oddly comforting). This experimental documentary sound piece attempts to evoke a wide range of feelings. Aural metaphor and collage are at work, causing the listener to pay attention more closely to what is normally seen as a contemptible, “throw-away” place.

Deepest Taco Bell

About the Artist

Andrea Kannes is currently an employee and student at The New School pursuing a graduate degree in Media Studies while exploring every single creative outlet that exists. This most recently includes producing, “We Lived Alone: The Connie Converse Documentary,” dabbling in found footage of the 16mm variety, and the occasional stand-up comedy. Her Twitter handle is @ZBogart, if you’re into that sort of thing.

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