Jan 072014

Vibrant Materials

Most of us understand sound to exist as forces and flows of pressure bending and moving through resonant substances. This experimental audio portrait seeks to reorient the human listener’s thought for a moment to ponder what it might mean politically for these vibrations and necessary resonant materials to exist in themselves. This project features the Manhattan Bridge, a large man-made object that conjoins with thousands of human lives everyday in aggregated communicative experiences. It intends to displace the human as communicative subject and render communicative modes already preset in the non-

living world perceivable and audible. This piece investigates sound as a medium expressive ‘vital materiality’ flowing through and across bodies, both human and nonhuman,allowing for the recognition of the active participation of nonhuman forces in events and to common public problems concerning space, travel and pollution.


About the Artist:

Brittany Paris is completing her M.A. in the School of Media Studies at the New School. Her research interests include
relationships of sound and new materialisms along with the interstitial areas between philosophy of technology and political economy.

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