Jan 102014

Adonis and Aphrodite

This sound documentary is about the repetition and monotony that is the life of the gym – you go 3-5 times a
week, you have 10-15 repetitions of 3 sets which you do with several weights, then you might go for a run for 20 minutes all while staying in one place. The gym which starts out as a recreational outlet from the everyday life turns into just another routine that you have to get through. But out of this monotony arises a melody or a beat that you follow as you go through the motions – my doc tries to capture the repetitive and monotonous lives of people who go to the gym as well as the rhythmic quality that can be found in a gym.


About the Artist

Danish Parsons student (Class of 2016) studying Communication design. Constantly moving and traveling around, New York is just one of many stamps in my passport. Aspires to become all of the following : rich, handsome, married to Natalie Portman and work as a graphic/concept designer.

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