Apr 042013

LDavis_vLeigh Davis is an artist and educator.  Her work investigates the relationships between people and the physical spaces in which they live, work, and perform.  Leigh’s subjects span a broad range—from the men of a dying religious order, to women living in a YWCA residence hall, to a variety of performers (tap dancer, Michael Jackson impersonator, a cappella choir, conductor) —and the projects she creates derive from the relationships she develops with those subjects over time.  Gathering visual and aural material around a person or place is how her projects usually begin, but the final products are site-specific installations or situations created from a variety of media, and are deeply informed by their subject matter and the sites in which they are presented.  Davis teaches at Parsons within the School of Design Studies, and the International Center of Photography.  She also teaches high school students in collaboration with The Center for Urban Pedagogy.

You can see some of her work at: http://leighdavisprojects.com/site/

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