Aug 212013

Something from the archives.

Charlie Morrow works with students in the School of Constructed Environments. A video was made to capture the essence of the workshop: sound is an integral element in the design of interiors.

“Charlie Morrow is a conceptualist whose work in music ranges over many styles and forms, including media events, public spaces, commercial sound tracks, new-media productions, museum installations, and programming for broadcast and festivals. Assembling expert project groups, Morrow employs a collaborative style that fuses arts, artists, and environment. Technological expertise is the basis for his work, much of which uses a combination of the new and old technologies. He is the president and creative director of Charles Morrow Productions, a leading developer of 3-D audio applications and museum multimedia.”

And Here’s the lecture Morrow gave as part of the Aftertaste symposium.

Screen Shot 2013-08-07 at 1.25.38 AM

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